Atmosphere and everyday life

Discover what life was like in the 16th century

The city is adorned more than ever, all corners forming part of a huge urban stage, decorated profusely for the celebration of the Festival. Balconies are covered with damasks; streets are embowered and decorated with paintings, flags and garlands. Tortosa recovers the splendour of the sixteenth century and commemorates the time when it was one of the leading cities of Catalonia. Among the symbols that are retrieved is the flag of the city, a silver tower on a red background, and that of the Vegueria (region), and the shield of the House of Barcelona flanked by two silver towers.

The atmosphere of the festival is unique: the people, dressed in their finery, stroll, rest in the taverns of the Ruta de la Saboga (Route of the Shad) or have fun at the shows. Meanwhile, the campers from all over the place settle in to experience the daily life of the period, working in trades, cooking or playing and having fun. And the palaces are host to performances with instruments from the period, such as the hurdy-gurdy, the lute or the theorbo. All this creates a unique atmosphere that makes us aware of how people in the sixteenth century lived


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La Festa del Renaixement Ajuntament de Tortosa
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