Music and dance

Have fun to the rhythm of the music

Bell-ringers, horn-blowers and other players come from all over the place to liven up the Festival. Musicians from all over Europe perform during the days of the Festival, the streets becoming the best of stages. The noble buildings and the walls embrace the musicians and spectators and turn every corner of the old city into an improvised stage. To walk through the old town is to travel into the past.

When night falls, it is the turn of the dancing: nobles and artisans dance, regardless of their condition, to the sound of ancient melodies. Gallantry dominates in the dancing and seduction can be found in the details and small gestures. The party never stops, and the attorneys encourage the citizens (just as they did in the past), to make "balls i bullícis, jocs i regosijos, los més exquisits y graciosos que mai sien fets", (dances and noise, games and fun, the most exquisite and graceful that have ever been made.


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